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Nigerian 419 Scam: Game Over!
Nigerian 419 Scam: Game Over!
Think You Don't Need EVIDENCE ELIMINATOR? Think Again!
Evidence Eliminator from American Focus/USCCCNII
Just WHO or WHAT is F.R.E.D. ?
Your PC's Hard Drive Might Appear to Be Clean, But........
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This 3 CD audiobook is a condensed version of the paperback book, read by the author, Brian Wizard. The full text of the paperback book in on the third CD as a PDF.

Whilst minding his own business, as per usual, Brian Wizard received an email offer that appeared too good to be true. The offer stated that he would receive millions of FREE dollars from a fallen Nigerian regime. The money source was that of secretly hidden funds from the grip of the new government. Funds desperately needing a discrete transfer to his bank account

The author was intrigued, and with his curiosity roused, he volunteered to be a willing target of what he discovered to be, a Nigerian 419 Scam. Several many more twisted plots expose the research novelist to many opportunities to lose  . . . all of his money to such frauds. Dirty money, inheritance money, petroleum contract money, all made available to the researcher, who is now destined to evolve as a counter-fraud specialist.

To get up and personal with his research project, this hands-on investigation took him to the front line of this global, financial terrorism in London and Amsterdam. Armed only with his wits and a brazen attitude, the author gets to the core of a story that would soon keep him busy for the next six years.

This CD Learning Experience can be your for only $20.00.

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UII/American Focus Publishing
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South Plainfield, NJ 07080

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