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Just WHO or WHAT is F.R.E.D. ?
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Evidence Eliminator from American Focus/USCCCNII
Just WHO or WHAT is F.R.E.D. ?
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Meet FRED!

What F.R.E.D. is:

FRED is our (F)orensic (R)ecovery of (E)vidence (D)evice.  FRED is a highly integrated platform which may be used both for the acquisition and analysis of computer based evidence.  In fact, given the modularity of the unit, FRED can even operate as a standard PC Platform when not in use for forensic acquisition or processing.  FRED is available in stationary, mobile, or combined configurations.

   F.R.E.D. Photos:

What F.R.E.D. does:

Whether you roll FRED directly into a crime scene or use it in the lab to acquire data from seized equipment, all you have to do is remove the hard drive(s) from the suspect equipment and plug them into FRED to acquire data.  FRED will acquire data directly from IDE/EIDE/ATA/ATAPI/SCSI I/SCSI II/SCSI III hard drives and devices.  will also acquire data from 3-1/2 and 5-1/4 inch floppies, 100 Mb or 250 Mb ZIP cartridges, CD-ROM, and DVD-ROM media..  This unit also has the added capability of being able to process information on PC Cards, Compact Flash Media, and Smart Media found in many of today's digital imaging devices.  Furthermore, the PC Card, Compact Flash, and SmartMedia capabilities are available directly from the standalone DOS prompt if desired (no need to load the GUI!).  FRED also includes an integrated SCSIBlock hardware write-protected imaging bay for IDE hard drives.  FRED has custom front panel connections and removable trays to acquire data from all these devices.  You won't have to open up your processing platform to install drives or crawl around the back of your unit to attach devices.   No more worrying about the functionality, capability, or configuration of  parallel devices on suspect equipment to hook up external tape drives.  No worries about installing a SCSI adapter in a suspect computer to acquire data at speeds faster than parallel ports allow.

FRED comes with two high capacity hard drives in shock-mounted removable hard drive trays.  One of these drives can be used as your forensic acquisition and processing system.  One boot menu option on your primary drive might be configured to boot FRED into data acquisition mode with full SCSI support and a hard drive write blocker automatically loaded.  Another boot option could be configured to place FRED in data analysis mode with full access to your online tools.  The second hard drive can be used as work space for restoring suspect information.  Both hard drives are supplied in removable trays with front panel switches for master/slave configuration.

FRED also has built in Video Capture capability to acquire video or still image documentation of the crime scene (suspect equipment, cabling, and workspace placement and organization).  FRED can be used to generate video output of evidentiary information such as images and/or documents directly to VCR tape for simplified presentation.

FRED has the ability to be connected directly to a 10Mb or 100Mb ethernet network for use as a standard workstation when not processing or acquiring data.  With the addition of Network Analysis software (Packet Analyzer), FRED can even be used to monitor network traffic and communications at the crime scene.

Baseline F.R.E.D. Specifications:

  • ATX Full Tower Case (6 ext 5-1/4, 3 ext 3-1/2, 320 Watt P/S):  Plenty of room for multiple auxiliary devices
  • ASUS Pentium IV Motherboard:  Intel 850 chipset.  Full DMA 33/66/100 support for the fastest of IDE hard drives.  Built in support for IDE Drives greater than 137 Gb (no additional controller/software required!).  Integrated audio controller for listening to WAV files and other audio services.
  • Intel Pentium IV, 1.8 Ghz:  Best Price/Performance of all Pentium IV processors.
  • 1 GB RAMBUS Memory:  Plenty of memory for even the hungriest application.  Fastest of all memory configurations. Even faster than DDR SDRAM!
  • SCSI Controller:  Adaptec SCSI controller provides SCSI 1/2/3 (narrow, wide, ultra, and ultra 160) support.
  • 2 Port FireWire / 3 Port USB 2.0 Combo Controller:  This controller can be used to attach any IEEE 1394, USB 2.0, and/or USB 1.X compliant devices to the system.  This not only includes standard FireWire storage devices and video sources, but also our FIREBLOCK IDE Hardware Write Protect Device!
  • Two 80 Gb Ultra ATA-100 IDE Hard Drives in Shock-Mounted Drive Trays:  Lots of disk space!  Use one for your forensic tools and operating system(s), use the other for work space to analyze and process restored forensic images. Both drives are in shock-mounted removable trays!   Each drive has an external master/slave switch to maximize flexibility.
  • Combination DVD+RW/CD-RW Drive:  Yes - This drive writes DVD's (4.7 GB) that can be read in any standard DVD drive (unlike DVD-RAM solutions)!  This drive also writes CDR and CDRW media.  Read/Process/Image CD-ROM and DVD media.   Complete with software MPEG decoder.  Record critical evidentiary materials and summary case information to DVD or CD-ROM for simplified dissemination and long-term storage.  All DVD and CD-RW capabilities with a single drive!
  • Integrated SCSIBlock Bay: Provides full hardware write protection for imaging IDE drives.  The removable drive bay is fully compatible with all of our removable drive bay devices (including the imaging shelf).  This device is also fully accessible from MS-DOS (unlike USB and FireWire imaging devices).
  • PC Card, SmartMedia, and Compact Flash Media Combo Reader:  Use this single, integrated device to read PC Cards, SmartMedia, and Compact Flash Media found in many of todays digital imaging devices and cameras.  Note that the services of this device are even available when booted to the Standalone DOS prompt and do not require the services of a Windows GUI!  
  • Six Removable Hard Drive Racks:  One for each hard drive (2), one for the one for the 250Mb Zip drive, one for the SCSIBlock Bay, one spare empty rack, and one rack with external work surface for imaging 5-1/4 inch IDE or internal SCSI 1/2/3 drives.
  • Lightning Fast Nvidia GeForce 4 AGP Video Card w/Video Capture, Video Out, Digital Video Interface (DVI), and dual monitor support (128 Mb):  Use with the still video camera (included below) to capture digital still or full motion images to document the suspect workspace in the field.  Record images of workstation, documentation, and/or cable management on suspect equipment at the scene.  Use the video out capability to record evidentiary materials (images, documents, spreadsheets) directly to VCR tape for simplified presentation. Dual monitor support can be used to simultaneously display a software interface in one screen while viewing file contents/information on the other.
  • 10/100 Mbs Network Adapter: 10/100 Mbs LAN adapter for connection to a forensic or Local Area Network.
  • Video/Still Capture Camera:  Record visual details of the suspect environment.  (Not included in "FRED Jr." configuration)
  • 56K Modem:  Use the modem to assist in Internet investigations or simply to connect for research and communication.
  • 3-1/2 & 5-1/4 Dual Media Diskette Drive:  Read/Write all 3-1/2 and 5-1/4 inch floppy disk formats.  This consolidated drive occupies only a single device bay.
  • 250 Mb Iomega Zip Drive (In Removeable Tray):  Read/Write 100Mb and 200Mb ZIP Disks.
  • Custom Floppy Write Protect Switch and Indicator Lamp:  Write protect both floppy drives with a single switch.  No need to toggle the write protect tabs on individual floppies during imaging or analysis.
  • Custom SCSI Connector Plate on Front of Unit (SCSI 1/2/3):   These connectors, conveniently located on the front of the unit, provides easy access to SCSI 1, 2 and 3 connectors.  Install the removable work shelf and these connectors can be used to image internal SCSI 1/2/3 drives which have been removed from the suspect system.  These connectors may also be used with/without the shelf to image SCSI 1/2/3 external devices as well.
  • Custom Removable Workshelf :  This workshelf, integrated with a removable IDE rack, is easily installed or removed from the unit.  An IDE data cable and two power connectors (5-1/4 and 3-1/2) is integrated with the shelf for use in imaging IDE drives.  The power connector(s) on the shelf may also be used in combination with the external SCSI 1/2/3 connectors to image internal SCSI devices as well.
  • Toolbox containing
  • Adapters, Terminators, and Cables:  All the necessary cables, adapters, and terminators to provide the ability to image and process internal/external SCSI 1/2/3 drives, 2-1/2 inch IDE (laptop) drives, 3-1/2 inch IDE drives, and 5-1/4 inch IDE drives.
  • Security Screwdriver Set:  A varied assortment of popular security bits for opening computer enclosures which may have been locked down in a corporate environment.
  • Plenty of room for transporting keyboard, mouse, tapes, disks, and other accessories into the field.
  • 104 key PS/2 Keyboard
  • PS/2 Wheel Mouse
  • MS-DOS 6.22
  • Microsoft Windows ME
  • RedHat Linux
  • Symantec GHOST Personal Edition
  • DVD/CDR/CDRW) Authoring Software
  • DriveSpy
  • Image
  • PDWipe
  • PDBlock
  • PART
  • Mobile Configuration Options:

  • 9 inch Paper-White VGA Monitor:  Small VGA monitor for easy transport in the mobile configuration
  • Custom Mobile Frame with Wheels:  Mobile frame securely transports the unit in the field
  • Stationary Configuration Options:

  • 19 inch Super-VGA Monitor:  Extra large monitor for use in the lab or at your desk



    Mobile Configuration

    Stationary Configuration

    Combined Configuration

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