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GANG Awareness, Intervention and Prevention

GANGSTA In The House
GANGSTA In The House
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The audiobook, Gangsta in the House, is a collection of observations and conclusions made by a fifteen-year veteran police officer from Houston, Texas. The 4:43 Hour series begins with the prologue which is a graphic fictional account of a drive-by shooting and is based on a compilation of real life incidents.

This audiobook has two themes: One; gang members are seeking firm, fair, and consistent external discipline to help them decide where social boundaries are located, and Two; promises kept breed respect for the system while promises broken breed contempt.

Gangsta in the House features a conversational style, but does include a touch of humor. The subject is, however, very serious and relevant to today's social environment. The audiobook should take the mystery out of the gang experience and open doors to understanding why these young people do the things they do. An explanation about how gang members perceive the world differently than "normal" people and how that different perception occurs is offered.

The listener learns about the three big lies told by all street gangs to their members and how those lies help in recruiting new members and bolstering the image of the gang. Listeners also discover that most criminal street gangs fall into one of the five "families" of gangs and how to recognize these broad families. Girl Gangs, and the nature of the gang uniform and the purpose of graffiti are discussed in great detail.

The last three chapters of the series: Empowerment, Denial and the Cure formulate conclusions and detail specific suggestions for change in the way we deal with crime and punishment issues. The listener may be surprised by the nature and scope of these changes--particularly coming from a person of the Author's background. Gangsta in the House offers practical, common sense solutions for parents, communities, and governments that could effect gangs and crime in America and make our neighborhoods safer for us and our children.

What others have to say
about this audio series and book:

" educated look at the problem of gangs, but written in a style that provides interesting and absorbing reading..."

- Wes McBride, President, California Gang Investigators Association

"Mike Knox has hit the bulls eye, Gangsta in the House is a chilling account of how gang members think, feel and act. It effectively brings adults into this uncharted world offering insight and relevance."

- Larry Audas - News Anchor KTHV-TV (CBS) Little Rock Arkansas

"Gangsta in the House takes the glamour away... it is both frightening and fascinating and should be required reading for all parents, police officers, social workers, judges, ministers, priests, rabbis, and educators."

- Dr. Lynne W. Boyle, Detroit Public Schools

"The problems of the big city are no longer confined to its corridors. Gangsta in the House offers information on what communities can do to get kids away from gangs."

- The Source, Michigan

"Gangsta in the House delves into why children turn to gangs, how parents behavior may encourage it and what steps parents can take to deal with the problem."

- Malcomb Daily

"The book Gangsta in the House is a must for young adults and parents alike! It will inform you...may shock you, but will offer you a better understanding of the gang culture. I recommend it!"

- Mike Slater - News Director KAPS 660-AM, Mt. Vernon, Washington

"Parents learn what gang leaders are telling kids in Gangsta in the House. We have more in common than we want to believe."

- Detroit News


Why are youth attracted to gangs?


Why is graffiti so important to gangs?


Why is denial such a big hurdle in dealing with gang issues?


Once in a gang, os it possible to get out?


Can gang violence be explained, combatted or understood?


What are the 3 big promises gangs make and how can parents prove them to be lies?


What can parents do if the suspect their child might be involved with a gang?






In 1940                                                         



Chewing Gum                                           

Making Noise                                            

Running in Halls                                            

Getting Out of Turn in Line                             

Wearing Improper Clothing                      

Not Putting Paper in Wastebasket              


Today in 2003


Drug Abuse 


Alcohol Abuse

Weapons in School 









Teen Pregnancy 

And Much, Much More ... And Much Worse!


The Three Big Lies
All Gangs Tell


#1 - P R O T E C T I O N


Gang members tell themselves they must belong to a gang to remain safe, before, during , and after school



Membership in a street gang exponentially increases risk of physical danger to the gang member.


#2 - B E L O N G I N G


Gangs claim to treat you like a family
and care about your welfare. They claim
not to judge and to accept you as you are - good or bad as that may be.



Gangs function directly opposite of true families. Where true families sacrifice, for example, for the benefit of individuals, the gang requires the individual to sacrifice for the whole. Further, the gang does judge you by requiring a certain type of dress and adherence to a rules code, often enforced violently.


#3 - R E S P E C T


Gang members always mistake fear as respect. They continually worry about who is, or is not, showing a proper amount of "respect/fear". Fear does share many results with respect but there is a significant difference.



One can make another afraid but no one can force another to have regard for another person. The difference between respect and fear is the difference between repulsion and attraction.



What Gang Members Respect






Gang members, whatever age, respect honesty above all things. It is , therefore, imperative that teachers, administrators and other adults follow through with promises of rewards and of punishments.





Gang members depend on rules to guide them in making decision on whom are their enemies, on whose actions among their peers where acceptable and many other social situations. These rules are accepted because they are universally enforced by the gang.




Clear Boundaries

Clearly stated, simple rules, enforced in a FIRM, FAIR AND CONSISTENT manner establish definite boundaries. These boundaries give a sense of security to the individual gang member and that allows him to succeed within the system.


Pre-Crisis Indicators


1. Sudden self-segregation.

2. Clustering of rival groups.

3. Unusual movement of groups from their normal territory.

4. Students attending school event which they do not normally attend.

5. Isolated racial fights.

6. Violent incident or disorder in the community.

7. Discovery of weapons on or around school property.

8. Increased conflict on buses, at bus stops, and along bus routes.

9. Increased concern among custodial, cafeteria and transportation personnel.

10. Parents withdrawing students to protect them.

11. Older students attempting to protect younger students who are not their siblings.

12. Increase in gang graffiti on walls, textbooks, and papers.

13. "X-ing" out of graffiti on walls, fences, etc. in the neighborhood.

14. Sudden and excessive change of the style of manner of wearing clothes.

15. Limited color choices of clothing (usually to one or two colors only).

16. The sudden interest and excessive concern about the condition of accessories, such as bandannas.

"Each time I dropped by to observe student reaction to your sessions, you were totally engaged with the students, able to keep their attention and present your important message in a most age appropriate and convincing manner."
Lisa Pedrini, Violence Prevention Coordinator, Vancouver School Board, Vancouver, B.C.


"Your presentation remained a lively lesson for all of us on the South Area Behavior Resource Team as we clearly remembered the differences between respect and fear, and the illusion of protection and family belonging that entices youth into gangs. Because we deal daily with troubled kids your lessons and the great hand out has served us well in improving our own skills in this area. Your skills in reaching kids of different ages as well as professional staff with respect, clear-headedness and with street wisdom impressed us all! Know you HAVE made a difference and that we are grateful."
Barbara S. Panagapka M.A., Behavioral Consultant Program Leader, South Area Behavior Resource Team, Waterloo Regional District School Board, Guelph, Ontario, Canada


"Mike Knox opens the doors to understanding why the young people do the things they do."
Houston Chronicle


"Education is the key to defeating the gang problem. Mike Knox's teachings offer vital information on how to combat gangs."
The Source Newspaper (Michigan)


"Mike Knox offers parents the solutions to recognize that gangs are a part of society."
Houston Defender


"Thanks to Mr. Knox's presentation, our agent personnel now have another tool to use to combat drugs (gang activity) in our communities."
James A. Calhoun, Division Training Coordinator, D.E.A., United States Department of Justice


"Mike Knox's presentation gave us some 'Real Life' answers. I was impressed to hear the teens responding positively to what they heard. Some teens commented that they really want to turn their lives around."
Senator Jerry Patterson, State Senator - District 11, Texas


"Ever community in America should avail itself of Mike Knox's knowledge and experience. After listening to his presentation, I too believe there is hope for our troubled youth."
Sheriff Philip A. Chance, Jr., Mahoning County Sheriff's Department, Youngstown, Ohio


"Wow! What a rush to see Mike Knox speak! The parents, teachers and city employees have not stopped talking about what they have learned!"
Officer Debbie R. Rule, Balch Springs Police Department, City of Balch Springs, Texas


"Mike Knox gave a fantastic presentation on gangs! Teachers that attended recommended that we bring him back so those that missed his presentation would have the opportunity to participate."
Jennifer Alexander, Lee High School, Houston Independent School District


"I'd like to comment on the fabulous presentation by Mike Knox. His energy and knowledge was transformed to the children in a very positive, exciting manner. The children have basic facts about gangs and the consequences, however it becomes more real and valid when reinforced by a person of his caliber. I would highly recommend his presentation to other students. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to hear his presentation."
Lindy Jones, Assistant Superintendent, School District No. 42, Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows


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