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National Concerned Officers Organization on Gang Activities, Inc. (CO3GA)

National Concerned Officers Organization On Gang Actitives Inc.
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 Children First ...
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Child Shall Lead Them

To our home page. We are the National Concerned Officer Organization On Gang Activities Inc. We are a team of dedicated professionals whom have been recognized nationally and internationally as experts in the field.

Our Consultants are made up of educators, clergy, concerned citizens, law enforcement officers, ex-gang members, and children. We work as team and encourge communities and agencies to work together as well in order to combat these all important issues.
CFO: L. Louis Jordan

CFO: Clemmon O'Neal
President: Christopher Hill
1st Vice President: Cheryl Shoemate Dye
2nd Vice President: Natheniale H. Bilaal
3rd Vice President: Edwin Vasquez
4th Vice President: Laura Hester
Captain At Arms: Sheri L. Bouldin
National Advisor: Laurence Jones
National Spokesmen: Dr. Alan Peterson
Secretary: Lenise Young
Community Outreach Specialist: Veronica Graham
Special Assistant to the CFO: Lester Osborne

We off the following services to our clients
. Seminars
. In-Service Training
. Keynote Speaking
. Youth Violence Prevention
. Street Gang Intervention
. School Violence
. Teachers Safety
. What Educators Don't Know
. Satanic Crime
. It Takes An Entire Village
. School Security Officers
. Patroling Public Housing
. Conflict Resolution
. Community Awareness
. Youth Motivation
. Community Policing
. Gangs, Not My Child
. Bus Driver Safety
. Intervention and Prevention
. Cultural Diversity
. Bias/Hate Crimes
. Understanding Diversity
. Stop the Hate
. Corridors of Violence
. Family Values
. Why Kids Join Gangs
. Perception Vs Reality
. Kids With Special Needs
. Gang Migration to the Suburbs
. Colors, Signs and Symbols
. Gang Graffiti (Street Newspaper
. Emergency Assessments
. Prison Gangs Today
. Drugs 2000
.Programs That Work
Outsiders always find it hard to understand why kids and adults would join a gang or would become involved in bias/hate crime type activities.

We have learned that our diversity is our strength and not our weakness. We can no long come to the table in the year 2000 preaching hate and expect to be heard. What is needed today is an intelligent person who has the abilty to express themselves in an intelligent manner.

We the National Organization help with this process by educating you to the thing around you and arming you with the greatest weapon of all.
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If you are seeking information on gang, school violence, diversity or any of our other topics, please click below and allow us to escort you to our National Headquaters.

If you are interested in learning more about diversity and bias crime, please click below.

For Additional Information Contact Us At:

879 Ocean Park Avenue, Cobblestone Village # 161
Ocean Township, New Jersey 07712
(732) 460-0804      Fax: (732) 460-0804
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